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How to get the perfect vacation from the sea in Sardinia, Italy

When you arrive at the seaside town of Sardinia, you’ll quickly see how important it is to have a little bit of everything, even if you’re just on vacation.Here are our top five things to do in the southern Italian town: 1.Settle down and relax before hitting the beach.It’s an important first step towards getting

How to find the best travel advice in Canada

By Andrew M. Smith, CBC News | Published: March 13, 2018 6:19:14Travelers can find the travel advice they need on this site, using a variety of criteria.But there’s no shortage of helpful travel advice to choose from.Some of it is helpful to travellers already in Canada, while others are helpful to Canadians visiting other parts

Travel companion information for informal probation travellers

Travel companion advice and tips from travel companions and informal probation travelers.Travel companions and other travellers are a valuable asset to your informal probation journey, but they are also an important asset to those seeking to make a first impression on the authorities.Here are some information and advice that you should consider before you make

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Why do some travelers want to buy their tickets online?

Travelers who travel on their own or with a partner can be a big drain on travel budgets.They can be costly and, in many cases, it’s difficult to find a flight or hotel that suits them.Travelers often don’t know where to find the best deals, which can mean they’re getting more expensive than they can

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How to watch a live, on-demand episode of C2C with Britney Spears

You can watch Britney’s new video for “Hair” at any time on MTV.She’s releasing the new video on the show’s website tonight.Britney is also currently performing the song in conjunction with the C2CC event that will be held this weekend at the St. Vincent Center in Miami.Check out the new clip in the video above.The

Which islands in Fiji can be visited by a dog?

Fijian islanders have a love of dogs, but their love extends to visiting the island where they can’t.The island’s population of more than 2 million people has a dog population that’s nearly three times that of the U.S., and it’s estimated that more than 40 percent of the island’s people have a dog.There are some

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Why is Newfoundland’s economy so badly in the red?

The economy of Newfoundland is still reeling from the devastating impact of Hurricane Irene, and the uncertainty it has left behind.But this week’s release of the provincial budget has provided some clues as to how the province’s finances may be changing.Newfoundland and Labrador, a province with a population of roughly 8 million, is a region

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A guide to the best travel deals in Gatwick

A guide for anyone looking to book their next trip to Gatwick airport.The Gatwick International Airport has become the go-to place for international travellers.It’s also the place for a lot of local travellers.Here’s a guide to what to expect when you book your next flight.What to expect at Gatwick?When you book at Gatwart you’re guaranteed

How to book hotel stays for the US and Australia

If you’re in the US, you can book your stay at a single source and pay no more than the standard cost of entry.This includes hotels, motels, motel suites, hostels, bed and breakfasts and other similar accommodation, as well as flights.You can also book through multiple sites.For Australia, the site’s booking system works across all

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How to find the best restaurants in Miami, FL

A list of the best restaurant options in Miami Beach and Miami is available for anyone looking to try their hand at the dining scene.The list is not meant to be exhaustive, but is a general guide to restaurants in the Miami area.Miami Beach has the most restaurants in town, with more than half of