Combining driving lessons with your parents or friends and professional driving instructors is the best way to learn to drive safely.

Driving lessons with a qualified instructor will help you learn the basics of driving in a safe vehicle. You can use the skills and behaviors you have learned to reinforce them. Then, you can use your next lessons to measure your improvement and receive feedback.

Parents and friends may not be as good at teaching, but the learner driver might not be learning as well for many reasons. The learner driver may feel uneasy about something that happened before, be concerned about traffic conditions, or be worried about them. Or, there might be a mismatch in the learning style of their teacher.

They Offer A Great Balance To Your Learning Experience

Driving lessons with a driving instructor are approximately 7-10 sessions on average. This means that you will spend approximately 10 to 15 hours with your parent if you live in Australia every hour with a driving instructor.

You can learn new skills and behaviors from a professional while also practicing them in a relaxed environment to increase your confidence.

Hours Of Bonus Logbook

Although it has been stated that the Government is encouraging learner drivers to get their licenses through driving instructors, some states offer a way to speed up your process.

If you reside in Australia you may be eligible for the free Keys2drive lesson. You might also be eligible for the bonus logbook hours scheme, which gives learner drivers extra driving experience with a qualified driving instructor.

The scheme allows learner drivers to log 3 hours of driving experience per hour. This can add up to 30 hours from 10 hours of actual driving. You can also save up to 20 hours by learning from professionals.

Higher Chance Of Passing The Driving Exam

You will be closely supervised by a driving test assessor when you take your driving exam. He will evaluate your ability to perform a range of skills and behaviors, including driving in traffic and obeying road signs.

Take a few lessons with your instructor to learn what to expect during your driving test. You can build your confidence by practicing with a qualified driving instructor in an environment that is more relaxed.

Teaching your friends or family a new skill can be very rewarding, especially if you are a parent. However, driving a car is quite different from most other life skills. For Australians up to 44 years old, accidents while driving are still one of the leading causes of death. This stage is crucial because it will determine your driving habits and safety.

While you may not notice any bad habits while driving under restrictions or with L or P plates, which allows you to drive more cautiously in traffic, there is an expectation that you will behave on the road once you have graduated from your plates to a full license.

By Amy