How to stay safe on a crowded flight in Mexico: What you need to know


Mexico City, Mexico (CNN) You may not know what to expect on a flight to the United States.

You may not even know how much your fare will be.

But there’s one thing that everyone needs to know: It’s possible to get stuck in Mexico on a single flight.

You might get a little lucky, but there are some things you need in your luggage:A couple of bottles of water, and some food.

A pair of gloves.

A blanket.

An extra pair of sunglasses, or at least a pair that fit well.

And if you’re a little more adventurous, you might have a few bags of extra clothes to pack for the night, according to the Department of Transportation (DOT) in Mexico City.DOT says that while Mexico is a busy and congested airport, it doesn’t take too much planning to get around on a plane.

It’s a great place to see some sights and grab a few free samples of your favorite drinks, if you plan to go with someone who has some.

A map of the city.

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