How to get around the UK without a car


When you’re travelling by car, there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself with no space to park, no space for groceries or a suitcase, and nowhere to put your phone.

Here are some tips for getting around without a big suitcase, or any of the other common car problems.


Find a good location for a parking spot A lot of people find it difficult to find a parking space, especially for longer trips.

This means that they’ll be parked at the back of a station wagon, or on a nearby street.

But if you can find a space that you can park on, then it will be easier to find space elsewhere for your trip.

Find parking spots in a park or in an area where people can park without cars.

If you can’t find a good parking spot, ask someone else to find it. 2.

Bring your own suitcase The most common problem people have is finding a suitcase that fits their car.

The suitcase must fit in the car.

This usually means the car must be a very big car, like a large SUV or truck.

If it’s a smaller car, then you can carry it in a small suitcase.


Keep it small The smaller your suitcase, the less likely you are to need a lot of space.

If your suitcase fits into the trunk of the car, it can’t be used.

You should also keep it small so that the luggage won’t be too big for you to put on top of it.

If the luggage is too big, it might stick out of the luggage pocket.

The bigger your suitcase gets, the more you need to put in the suitcase to keep it from sticking out.

The larger your suitcase is, the harder it is to fit your suitcase into the car compartment.

If a suitcase doesn’t fit inside the trunk, the luggage should be put on the ground.

If someone can help you with this, let them know.


Do not use the car’s parking space The car’s space is limited by the amount of space that it can fit in its trunk.

If space is available, you should always park your car at a public parking spot.

If there’s no space in the space, you can ask another driver to park your vehicle for you.

If this doesn’t work, you might want to take your suitcase to a local car park.

This is a good idea if you’re on your own, as you won’t need to park for a long time.

If not, ask a friend or family member to park the car for you, or take a friend along.


Do park the vehicle yourself You can always park the front of the vehicle, but if you do, make sure that the car has enough room for you and your luggage.

This may mean leaving a small amount of luggage in the trunk.

Make sure that you have a seatbelt on the vehicle.


Avoid being a passenger When a passenger is in the vehicle you don’t want to be.

Make your space available for the passenger.


Don’t let your luggage be taken away If you take your luggage to a public place, don’t leave it unattended.

If an employee comes to your car and you have luggage, make them look for it. 8.

Keep your luggage on a leash Always keep your luggage at least three feet from the door.

You may want to place your luggage in a plastic bag or other small container.


Take your luggage with you When you leave a hotel or boarding point, always leave your luggage outside the hotel or the boarding point.

It’s important that you don: Bring your luggage along