How to find bus travel information for London, Birmingham, Glasgow and Leeds


How do I find bus tickets for London and Birmingham?

We’ve rounded up the best information for each city, and explained the differences between different bus operators.

London’s public transport system is great, but Birmingham is the most comprehensive.

If you’re planning a visit to either city, we’ve put together the best bus travel advice for each.

Find the best Birmingham public transport options for your trip…

Birmingham public transportation options for London ► Bus services Birmingham Public Transport: From £1.90 from bus stops and stations to £2.90 for the bus from the station Birmingham Bus: From free from the bus stop or station to £4.90 if taking public transport (depending on the service) Bus routes: Birmingham Bus is a regular bus service running throughout Birmingham.

You can book a Birmingham bus ticket from a bus stop at the city centre.

For more information on Birmingham buses, check out our Birmingham bus guide.

London Bus services London: From bus stops in central London and free from central London bus stations to bus stops, stations and underground stations in the capital.

London Public Transport options for Birmingham ► Bus service Birmingham Bus : From £2 from bus stations and station to bus tickets from bus stop Birmingham Bus includes free bus travel for those who book a ticket on the Birmingham Bus website.

Birmingham bus tickets are issued to anyone travelling on the bus, including visitors and children, for a one-off fee of £2 or £5 per adult or £6 for a child.

London public transport option for London : From bus stations in central, northern and south London to bus routes, stations, underground stations and street-level bus stops.

London buses operate between central London (the capital of the United Kingdom) and the south of England.

The London Bus Network runs between central and the North West of England, from Liverpool to the East Midlands.

London bus routes are operated by Network Rail, which runs services between Liverpool, Birmingham and the capital of Scotland.

If travelling from the city of London, the London Bus network offers direct connections to Birmingham, London and the north of England and across to the North East of England via Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester and London Bridge.

Birmingham’s public transportation option for the north and west of England is the City Bus Network, which operates between central Birmingham and central Glasgow.

Birmingham City Bus is one of the most popular public transport services in the city, running daily from central Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, London, Leeds, Sheffield and Cardiff to the West Midlands, including Birmingham, Birmingham East, Birmingham West and the South East of Scotland via London.

Birmingham Bus routes Birmingham Bus operates from central city bus stops to stations and underpasses.

For details of bus stops on each route, check the Birmingham bus timetable.

You might also find information on where to find a Birmingham City bus.

For a full list of Birmingham bus services, see our guide to the City bus network.

How to book Birmingham bus travel options for Glasgow, Edinburgh and Glasgow West Glasgow City Bus : If travelling between central Glasgow, Liverpool and Glasgow East, from central Glasgow to Glasgow West, or from central Scotland to Glasgow East via Glasgow Airport.

For the best Glasgow bus travel links, see the Glasgow bus network map.

How much is bus travel in Glasgow?

There are many different ways to book a bus ticket in Glasgow.

Most options start from a ticket from the London Metro station, and go on to the bus.

If a ticket costs more than £4, you’ll pay extra to book in advance.

Glasgow has some great bus services.

Find out more about our bus travel guides in Glasgow and other parts of the UK.

Find Birmingham bus service Birmingham City Public Transport : From free bus ticket for adults to £5 from the metro station, £4 for children and free for children under 6.

Birmingham public bus routes: The Birmingham Citybus service runs from the centre of the city.

Birmingham is home to some of the biggest and most popular international attractions in the UK, including the famous Tower of London and St Pancras, the city’s main street.

Birmingham buses are not free, however, as there is a £5 bus fare.

If traveling from the central city, you can take a bus to any of the other central city buses or use the bus network on the Underground.

You’ll pay the higher fare if you take the bus directly from the Tube station.

For information on travel in central Birmingham or other parts.

Birmingham Public transport option Birmingham Bus service : From a free ticket to buy a Birmingham Bus ticket from any station, stop, or underground station, for up to five passengers.

For further information, check Birmingham Bus timetable.

How about the most expensive bus fares in London?

If you travel to London or Birmingham, you may find it cheaper to take a direct bus to the London Underground or the city-centre stations, rather than taking the bus to one of London’s central bus stops or underground stations.

This will save you a few hundred pounds and may be a