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IOWA, Iowa (AP) It’s the Iowa travel industry’s latest casualty, and its a reminder that the state’s tourist economy is struggling.

Iowans travel more than a third of the nation’s population, but tourism has fallen by more than $100 million since 2008.

Travel companies and travel agencies have lost millions of dollars, and the state has lost billions.

That’s why a proposed bill passed by the state House would take away state funds for tourism and make it more difficult for people to book vacation time.

State Rep. Brad Anderson, D-Cedar Rapids, who sponsored the bill, says the money goes to tourism but it’s not enough.

He says the bill is a solution in search of a problem.

Travelers will still be able to book a trip to Iowa, but their travel plans will be limited, according to Anderson, who is also a member of the House Tourism and Entertainment Committee.

He expects to introduce another bill to do the same.

The Iowa Chamber of Commerce is supporting the bill.

The group is a lobbyist for the state.

Its president, Jim Miller, says a tourism bill is necessary to help the tourism industry grow.