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Lax travel advice has been coming out of the travel industry lately.

One of the latest news is the departure of travel agent and travel expert Jeff Gordon, who left his position at travel site, where he worked for more than a decade.

The departure of Gordon came in the wake of an incident involving the company’s former president, Dave McAfee, in which McAfee allegedly lied to employees and misled them about the safety of a vaccine he had received. 

McAfee was eventually convicted and sentenced to prison for lying to employees about the dangers of the vaccine, which he did not receive, and has since died.

Gordon was the former head of marketing for the travel company.

He also served as a spokesperson for travel companies such as Expedia, and was responsible for getting the company into the luxury travel market.

He was also responsible for bringing in new business to the travel business, which helped it to grow in the years that followed. 

It was only a matter of time before Gordon left, according to a report from Business Insider.

Gordon left Traveling Scoop to take a job at TripAdvisor, a company that specializes in helping people find hotels. reported that Gordon had been let go in January of 2018, just a few months after his departure from Lax. 

The company said that Gordon “worked closely with TripAdvisors team on our business strategy and business development strategy, helping them make decisions on how to expand, grow and improve their company.” 

Gordon’s departure from Travelingscoop was not the only news from the travel market this month.

A report from Fortune reported that Expedia was in talks to buy TripAdventures, which was run by former Expedia employee, Jeff Gordon. 

Gordon, who was the head of travel and lifestyle at Expedia from 1999 to 2002, also served on the board of TripAdventure.

The company had been planning to merge with Expedia. 

After Gordon’s departure, Expedia said that he had left for a “long-term personal reasons.”

The board of Expedia is currently working on a merger. 

While Gordon did not have a formal departure from Expedia this month, it was the first time in a few years that the company has not announced that it has fired a former employee. 

At the end of the day, the travel world has changed.

Travel is becoming more convenient and cheaper, with many people opting to stay in their homes, rather than travel.

It’s also become a lot easier for people to travel for their entire lives. 

With more and more people looking to go anywhere, more and less people are staying in their houses, which is good news for those who don’t want to get stuck in a house full of roommates.

Travel, for many, has become less about going to a destination and more about staying in your own home. 

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