How the NRA is doing a great job of keeping you from reading about gun violence


The NRA’s lobbying arm, the Institute for Legislative Action (ILA), has released a new video that highlights how the gun lobby is fighting for “common sense gun safety” by “sticking to the facts.”

The NRA video, titled “Why the NRA Sticks to the Facts,” includes a list of common misconceptions about guns and shows that gun owners are “smart and savvy” and that “a well-informed citizenry is a force for good.”

The video concludes with a message from the NRA’s CEO, Wayne LaPierre, that “the gun debate has been hijacked by an elitist media and an extremist fringe that is waging an all-out assault on our Second Amendment rights.”

The film, titled Gunfight, was written by the NRA-ILA’s David Lane and features a “Gunfight” producer and producer, John J. Schindler, and a producer from the organization that is part of the NRA.

The film was produced by the Institute on Government and Public Policy (IEPP), a conservative think tank that works to advance conservative ideas.

The video, produced by IEPP, was produced in collaboration with NRA-linked media company ProPublica.

The pro-gun group Media Matters for America also produced the film, which is also available on YouTube.

In its first video in more than a year, NRA-affiliated media outlet Fox News is using “gun violence” as a way to attack President Donald Trump.

The Fox News clip uses the NRA “top experts” to attack Trump’s claim that the media is not covering gun violence because “they’re not paying attention to the numbers.”

The clip also quotes an NRA lobbyist as saying, “we’ve got a gun problem, so the media doesn’t cover it.”

In a second video, NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPrete also uses “gun control” to defend gun owners by “keeping the facts straight” in defending his group’s position on gun violence.

The NRA is a major contributor to the political campaigns of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his Democratic challenger, Bill de Blasio.

The NRA has long been critical of de Blasio for his stance on gun safety, saying the mayor’s “worrying” comments on gun policy are “so bad, you have to wonder what he thinks about guns.”