Which airlines in the Middle East and Africa to book on?


With the holiday season upon us, travel agencies are trying to keep their travelers happy by offering discounts to airlines that cater to their travelers.

While they’re looking for travelers to book, some are already preparing travel packages for the holiday seasons.

Here are the best travel agencies for travelers in the region.

rta Travel information,airline listings,travel agencies,booking rta,airlines,bookings rta source Politico article Egypt Travel information ,airline listing,travel agents,book aegypt,airport egypt,eiran source Politico story EgyptAir has launched a travel package for holiday shoppers in the country.

The airline will discount the prices of tickets for flights to and from the country from Nov. 15 to Dec. 15, 2018, and also offer free upgrades to flights and hotels.

The prices are: From Nov. 21 to Dec 10: 50% off flights and hotel stays (from $10,859 to $14,854)

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