Hokkaidan travel information: Japan’s most popular destinations


HONOLULU, Hawaii — — The Honolulu metropolitan area has long been the epicenter of the Japanese diaspora, but now its residents have a much greater number of choices.

In fact, it’s the first U.S. metro area to be named after the country’s largest diasporic population, and now its the second largest.

Hokkadai, a city on the north shore of the U.M.S..

Hawaii, is the nation’s fifth-largest metropolitan area, according to census data.

It is a city of 2.4 million, about 40 percent of which is foreign-born, according census data, with about 9,000 residents foreign- born or other, and another 10,000 Japanese.

The area includes the former U.K. capital of Edinburgh, the countrys second-largest city.

Many Japanese families have settled in the area, and have been drawn to its rich culture, such as the annual Hokkaido Festival and Hokkaidans’ annual Okonama Day celebrations.

As with many U.N. cities, Hokkadais’ population is increasing as new people move to the area.

And while the population of Hokkado-Hokkyo, Hokkyo’s largest city, is estimated to be just under 10,500, the population in Honshu, a suburb of the capital, is likely to be more than 30,000, said John Lippert, a senior researcher with the National Institute of Population Sciences.

While Hokkads popularity has grown over the years, the numbers are still declining, Lippitt said.

Most foreign residents of the area are concentrated in the city of Yokohama, home to the world’s largest electronics company, while in the more remote Hokkido area, there are about 1,500 people, with a smaller number of Japanese living in the larger metropolitan area.