Chinese Airlines, Jetstar to offer domestic tickets for next year


Chinese Airlines is to offer direct domestic and international flights to mainland China in the new year, the airline announced.

The carrier said in a statement on Wednesday that it would offer domestic and intercontinental tickets from December 12 to January 13.

The airline will sell tickets for one person, one person-two people, two people-four people, four people-eight people, eight people-12 people, 12 people-16 people, 16 people-18 people, 18 people-24 people, 24 people-30 people, 30 people-32 people, 32 people-36 people, 36 people-40 people, 40 people-48 people, 48 people-52 people, 52 people-56 people, 56 people-64 people, 64 people-72 people, 72 people-80 people, 80 people-88 people, 88 people-100 people, 100 people-104 people, 104 people-112 people, 112 people-120 people, 120 people-128 people, 128 people-132 people, 132 people-136 people, 136 people-140 people, 140 people-144 people, 144 people-148 people, 148 people-160 people, 160 people-176 people, 176 people-192 people, 192 people-208 people, 208 people-216 people, 216 people-224 people, 224 people-228 people, 228 people-240 people, 240 people-252 people, 252 people-260 people, 260 people-270 people, 270 people-300 people, 300 people-320 people, 320 people-360 people, 360 people-370 people, 370 people-400 people, 400 people-420 people, 420 people-430 people, 430 people-450 people, 450 people-500 people, 500 people-600 people, 600 people-700 people, 700 people-800 people, 800 people-900 people, 900 people-1000 people, 1000 people-1200 people, 1200 people-1500 people, 1500 people-2000 people, 2000 people-2500 people, 2500 people-3000 people, 3000 people-4000 people, 4000 people-5000 people, 5000 people-6000 people, 6000 people-7000 people, 7000 people-8000 people, 8000 people-9000 people and more source Independent news source Al Jazeera English title China’s new anti-terror laws: what you need to know article Beijing, January 9 – China has passed new laws to restrict the use of social media and online messaging to fight terrorism, state media reported.

The move came in a major shift for the country’s cyber-security authorities, which had been pushing for restrictions on the use and sharing of social networking sites since the December 7 attacks on a Chinese government office and a train in central Beijing.

China’s Xinhua news agency said the new measures were the result of an investigation into a hacking group which had targeted the state-owned airline and its airline employees in January.

China has also launched a new cyber-counterterrorism unit to combat threats from overseas cyber-attackers, according to Xinhua, which added that the unit would be headed by the vice minister of cyber-crime.

China’s state media has repeatedly described the recent cyber-attacks as a “cyber-attack” and “a provocation”, although they have not been linked to the group.

China was rocked by a series of cyberattacks last year in which some of the countrys top companies and government officials were targeted, although the government has repeatedly said it did not hack the firms or interfere with their operations.