What we know about airfare to Australia


AUGUSTA, Maine (CNN) — In a nation where air travel is a hot topic, the airline industry has been scrambling to find a solution to a long-standing problem.

The Federal Aviation Administration says a new rule that goes into effect Monday, July 16, requires airlines to include a link to a list of international destinations and flight times for people traveling between those destinations.

The new rule, which will take effect in the coming weeks, was issued in an effort to reduce the burden for consumers, who are required to check in at least 60 days before travel and to pay for any taxes they might have to pay on their ticket.

Airlines are required by law to make the list available for free.

But the FAA says it will be up to airlines to make that information readily available to passengers and the public.

The rule has sparked a debate about how to better manage costs, whether to include specific countries on the list or just a broad listing of airlines.

Some airlines have been trying to figure out what the public is looking for and whether they should include a specific country or a list.

The issue has also divided the industry, with some arguing that the list is an outdated, outdated piece of information that should be left alone and others arguing that it should be included.

While there is some disagreement over the value of a list, there are no major airlines that don’t have it, said Scott Haggerty, a partner at aviation consulting firm ATS Consulting.

He believes the new rule will likely benefit consumers.

“You can get a good picture of what is going on with air travel, and that will be useful to consumers and also to airlines, because they can look at that and say, ‘We don’t want to be in that spot,'” he said.

Haggerty noted that airlines already have the ability to list their travel plans and add specific countries to the list.

That information is readily available on their websites and on their carrier websites.

“The fact that the airlines are able to do that, they can actually provide the same kind of information to consumers that airlines are allowed to do, which is to include certain destinations,” he said, adding that airlines have a history of sharing information with the public, so the public will have a good idea of the country they’re traveling to and where they are.

“If we want to make it easier for consumers to travel, then we need to make sure that it’s available to them.”