China’s ‘crisis of confidence’ grows as US military exercises are cancelled


China is “crisis-like” in the US, as the military exercises it is holding with the US have been cancelled, China’s foreign ministry said.

Key points:The drills were to take place in California and Florida, and involved over a dozen countriesChina’s foreign minister said US military presence in the region was “out of control”Trump had cancelled two military exercises in Asia, the second of which was with South KoreaIn a statement, the ministry said it was “deeply disappointed” with Trump’s decision to cancel the exercises in the face of “crises in the confidence” of China, adding that China “is in a state of crisis.”

It added that the US has “abandoned the principle of a ‘one China’ policy” and has “failed to maintain a reasonable and stable political, economic and military partnership” with China.

“It is regrettable that Trump has abandoned the principle that the United States and China should maintain a peaceful and stable bilateral relationship,” the statement said.US military forces have been stationed in Taiwan since 1979, and a Chinese-made drone has flown over the island since 2010.

Last week, Trump cancelled a joint military exercise with Taiwan that involved a total of 14 countries including the US.