California braces for potential shutdown as COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak spreads




Jerry Brown on Wednesday said he was “very concerned” about the outbreak and the potential for a shutdown.

The state’s transportation system is already strained by a backlog of more than 2 million passengers, but Brown said that could increase further if more people become ill.

Brown said California’s airports could also be closed and some other transportation facilities could be forced to shut down.

He also urged Californians to stay home and stay safe.

Brown’s comments came after a report that the California Department of Transportation has already shut down several airports in the state, including Los Angeles International Airport.

The Department of Public Health said in a statement on Wednesday that the agency was “working to mitigate the impact of this outbreak.”

It said it is working with other agencies to ensure that all of its public health, transportation, public health and public safety programs are safe.

A federal judge in San Francisco issued an order in September that blocked the Department of Homeland Security and other agencies from interfering with the agency’s decision to shut some airports.

That order was later lifted by a federal judge who said that the agencies did not have the authority to do so.

The California Department Of Transportation, which manages the state’s public transportation system, said in its statement that it will continue to provide all passengers with access to its airports.

It said all flights are being rescheduled, and it will ensure that the system is staffed with personnel trained to respond to the crisis.

“This outbreak is a national and global crisis that has caused widespread disruption to our economy and the health of our people,” Brown said in his statement.

“Our public health system is being put at risk by the very people who we rely on to protect us and our communities.

I know there is much more we can do to keep our state safe and our economy healthy, but these measures will only be enough to protect the safety of our citizens and help to ensure the state of California continues to be a safe, secure, and prosperous place.”

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