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Hacker News has released a travel brochures with information on the locales of the upcoming World Expo 2019.

The brochures will be sold in kiosks at Expo venues, such as The Mall of Canada.

The website said the brochures are “designed for visitors to be prepared for travel to the expo and the expos main events”.

They are available to purchase in the kiosks in both Ottawa and Winnipeg.

The World Expo in 2019 will be held in Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa.

The Expo website said there are plans to create a “Global travel guide” and “a Traveling Guide” for Canada.

It said “we are excited to introduce the new and exciting World Expo Guide” which will “create a unified travel experience for all travellers” in Canada.

The brochures were created by Toronto travel company Inkyo, which has already released travel information for the event.

Inkyo said its travel guide is for travellers from “Canada and abroad” and will provide “information on travel options, accommodation and travel options in different regions of the world”.

“The travel guide will be available to travellers through the Inkyi Travel Centre, and the information provided is updated daily with information about the upcoming expo events, the Expo and all the latest news,” the website said.

There is also a travel clinic for expo attendees.

Ottawa’s International Centre for Public Health and Medicine will be the host of the expod’s first day.

“We are excited about the new World Expo and its opportunity to help advance global health and environmental health and to build a stronger global community,” said Dr. Jill Johnston, the Ottawa’s Health and Wellness Minister.

In Ottawa, the official launch will be Friday at 6:00 p.m.

The expo will begin Saturday at 10 a.m., with the Expo Centre set to open at 1 p.d. and Expo Hall closing at 2:00 pm.

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