Aussie travel guide: Where to buy flights, hotels and car rentals, 2018


The world’s largest airline, United Airlines, said it is adding Australia to its list of destinations for Australian travellers.

United confirmed the move, made in a press release on Tuesday.

The company is extending the availability of United Airlines Australia, a free flight plan, to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide from July 2.

United said the expansion will allow travellers to travel from its Australian base to the capital of Sydney and return, without paying the $400 visa fee, for $380 a leg.

For a limited time, United will be offering a free United Australia ticket for every Australian travelling to or from Melbourne, Brisbane or Adelaide.

This offer will continue until the end of July, the airline said.

The airline said it was also expanding the number of destinations it allows passengers to visit, including Sydney, Hobart, Brisbane and Adelaide.

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