How to use Google Maps in Italy


Google Maps has introduced a new feature that will help you get around the country in time for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Users can now find a new option in the Google Maps search bar that allows them to navigate between countries using their mobile phone.

Previously, a user had to use a Google Maps app to navigate from one country to another, but this new feature makes it possible to see which cities have been hit hardest by the earthquake and flood damage in Italy.

Users also have access to a new tool that allows users to find places that are close to their location.

The new feature allows users not only to find the nearest places, but also places that have been affected by the disaster, such as a town that has been evacuated, as well as places that were evacuated but are not currently in need of assistance.

The updated feature was introduced in version 9.0.1 of the Google Map app on Wednesday, as part of a wider roll-out of the app.

It is available in the European version of the map, the US and Canada version, and the Asia Pacific version.

Google Maps said the feature was added to help users navigate around the countries that are in immediate need of help.

“With Google Maps 9.1, users can now see where the most need is, and which countries are most likely to be hit by earthquakes and floods, to help them plan their next steps,” the company said in a blog post.

“We want to make sure our users can get to where they need to go, wherever they need it to be, with Google Maps,” Google added.

The quake and flood that struck Italy on Tuesday killed more than 500 people and caused damage of up to $6 billion.

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