How to book AirAsia X flights on Malaysia Airlines


A little over a week ago, Malaysia Airlines announced that they were pulling all of its flights from Indonesia.

The reason?

The country’s new President, Joko Widodo, announced in a televised speech that his administration is planning to increase the number of flights a day to 20 per week, from the current 20.

This means that flights from Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and other major cities are now off the table.

The airline said that the increase in flights would be made up through cheaper airfare and increased capacity.

That means that the amount of airfare that can be purchased from Malaysia Airlines in order to make that trip will drop to a measly $150.

But if you want to get to Malaysia, you’ll need to take a plane from somewhere else, or you can just fly on another airline.

That’s why JetBlue is now offering a cheaper option: the same price that you can get from your local airline.

JetBlue’s cheapest fare is $159, while JetBlue Airline offers flights to the same destinations for $179.

You can still book from your nearest JetBlue flight office, but the fares are now a little cheaper, and JetBlue offers flights that will take about an hour and a half to cover from one end of the world to the other.

It’s a little better than AirAsia’s, but still not nearly as cheap.

JetBlues cheapest fare for a flight from Jakarta, Indonesia to Kuala

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