Prague to offer €10,000 voucher for first flight from Amsterdam


Prague, Czech Republic – Prague’s first direct flight from the Netherlands to the Czech Republic will be offered by an online travel agency, the Czech Transport Authority (CTA).

The Czech Republic’s largest airline, CTA, said it will offer the voucher for an eight-hour flight from Brussels to Prague, starting on Friday, on its website.

The voucher is valid for any domestic or international flight booked through the online booking service AirfareNow.

The flight is expected to cost around €10k, and the CTA said that its price would increase to €15k, if the ticket is sold on its websites.

Czechistan’s foreign minister, Milan Chovanec, said in a statement that Prague has “committed to offering the cheapest possible price for flights from the UK and Germany”.

Czech President Milos Zeman also announced that Prague’s airport is to offer its passengers the cheapest flight from London to Prague for a four-day stay. 

Czech Airports Authority (CBA) chief Jiri Wijnsma told state broadcaster SVT that Prague is the first city in the world to offer an airport voucher to Czech citizens.

“The price will increase if we make a big increase in the number of tickets sold through Airfare Now,” Wijnesma said.

“There are around 80 million Czechs, so we have to sell about 4 million tickets a day.”

Wijnesms statements came a day after the CBA said that it would increase fares for flights to the UK from the Czech capital by about 6.7% over the next two years.

In December, the Prague airport was forced to cancel a scheduled flight from Paris to the US after US President Donald Trump criticised the airport’s airport security measures and said that he wanted to cancel it.

“I would like to announce that we will cancel flights from Prague to the United States starting from January 2018,” Trump said at the time.

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