When are there flights in Italy?


For those in the UK, it’s been a busy few weeks, with the arrival of two new airlines, Air France and Ryanair, as well as the arrival in Italy of the first direct flight from London to Rome, between 8am and 9pm this evening. 

And with these new arrivals, the UK now has four airlines, with Cathay Pacific arriving at 8:30pm this afternoon. 

The new airlines are Cathay, Air Ireland, EasyJet and Ryan. 

Both Cathay and Air Ireland are operated by Chinese companies, and EasyJet is operated by Qatar Airways. 

EasyJet is owned by British Airways, and Qatar Airways is owned by Qatar Airways and United Arab Emirates. 

Cathay’s flights to and from Rome are free, though the flights will cost extra, so you’ll want to book in advance. 

Ryanair, on the other hand, flies from London and stops in Rome for its first leg in Italy, flying from 8am on Thursday to 8pm on Friday. 

I’ll be checking the new arrivals’ availability for Rome as soon as I can, as it’s going to be the busiest week for flights to Rome since April. 

Meanwhile, it looks like there’s no direct flights from London any more, as Ryanair and Cathay both announced they would be reducing their London flights from Friday, and all other Heathrow flights by next week. 

However, I’ll be keeping an eye on the new RyanAir and Cathy flights to Milan and Rome, as they’re both free, but I’m going to take a look at Ryanair’s flights from Milan to Rome via Brussels in the next few days. 

For now, though, check out our guide to the best European airports in Europe, which include the UK and the rest of Europe.